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Very 1st

Released: 05/19/2013
Label: Spazzed Out Wreckordz
Album producer(s): Chris Martin
Approx. runtime: 19:00
Tracks / other misc files: 12 / 2

Very 1st is the first official release, featuring many old Saint Spaz hits such as Electric Lettuce, Manhunters, and Don't! This album includes only old tracks from 2010.
This whole album and all its included contents were written/created, mixed/edited, and finalized with FL Studio, GoldWave, PhotoShop, Notepad, and 7-Zip.

Tracks: [SHOWHIDE]

1. 8th Day of the Week
2. Burning Memories
3. Another Day
4. Freaky Unexplainable Creatures Killed My Echidna
5. Manhunters
6. Don't!
7. Agreements (Written in Blood)
8. One More Suicide
9. Electric Lettuce
10. Hesitation (Wise Thinking)
11. Xtream Mezure
12. Rock the Wicked

Other files: [SHOWHIDE]

1. Very 1st Cover Art (jpg)
2. Very 1st Album Info (txt)