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What's this, and why?

This is SoundTest, an extension to Chris Martin's LyricSheet to store and share misc media files.

What type of media?

SoundTest will consist of many different media streams and downloads, all of which is original work by Chris. Currently, there's already a download up for grabs. "Very 1st" an album by Chris' musical alias, Saint Spaz.

Can I promote my music here?

Not at the current time, but we do wish to develop a user posting system.

Does it cost?

No, you will not be charged to download any of these files, nor will we charge you to post any (when available). LyricSheet is a community network, and we don't believe in paying to get yourself heard.

I like your originals. Can I share them?

Yes, you may share files and downloads with whomever you'd like, however, you are not allowed to redistribute them in any way without the proper concent of Chris Martin, as anything original that SoundTest/LyricSheet produces is protected by Canadian copyright laws.